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Creating Health and Wellness

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 8:44 PM

Creating your Health and Wellness


By: Anthony Wallace, Nutritionist

Executive Director – PCDI Healthcare and Consultants


In today’s society health and wellness, products are on the rise with herbal wellness pills, weight loss drinks, and 10 minutes exercise routines can be all over whelming. In America, we are a society that is instant made. We want solutions fast for the problems we may encounter. This is a crippling solution that we handicap our children of tomorrow if we do not employ good eating habits. Child obesity can be treated with education regarding diet and exercise. Obesity can also be corrected by redirection of old habits and rewarding new positive changes in habits. The act of eating should be enjoyed and not as an act of necessity for living.

The greater influence on child obesity reflects on how we interact with other sibling in our homes. Most children eating habit are a picture of their home setting. Most children that have domestic problems in their home tend to eat more as a coping mechanism. According to health news, 16.5 percent of children that are raised in homes with violent parents tend to become obese by the age of 5 year old. This trend will increase the obesity with the rise of reported domestic violence crime (Boynton-Jarrett, 2010).

A patient’s mood or perspective on stressful occurrences may increase the need to seek comfort in food that is not so good for us. The American diet as of 2010 is getting better with awareness raised by our First Lady Mitchell Obama. The First Lady introduced fresh gardening and proper eating habits to our children. I find this quite interesting because of the old habits of yesterday into healthier food choices of today. My ultimate quest is to find the most amount of positive healing food that we can take to cure or prevent disease than to take a pill. There are ways on preventing obesity and creating a positive lifestyle of health and wellness.

Several therapies may reduce stress and make changes in your lifestyle. For example, massage therapy has been shown to be a supportive technique with patients battling cancer, AIDS, and chronic pain (Werner, 2010). Most conventional practitioners do not believe in alternative methods because most of the therapies do not have a supportive evidence based care criteria. The government has stepped in to show that therapies that are alternatives do have some purpose to heal and prevent. Websites such as National Centers for Contemporary and Alternative Medicine educates the public from misguided information from “quacks” Which take the consumers money and mislead them to cures that are not ideal or good to be true. Take care and be in good health.


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