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Miracles and Blessings

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 7:30 PM


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Have you every wondered what the term "Miracles" mean or the purpose? I sometimes wonder if it is a such thing. The definition of a miracle is "such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God, a wonder, or marvel (Dictionary.com, 2012). This definition may shed a little light on the way how we may see medical miracles. Most people that believe in God may see modern medicine as a secondary afffect to the Godly miracles that may manifest in a patients healing. Godly or divine healing may contribute to a persons healing with prayer and even human placebo belief.


There is an association between human pray and the prognosis of a patients condition. The testimonies of many have perceived it to be true. For example, a young man that was once sick on his death bed and with prayers from the saints of God the young man was able to raise up from his bed and walk. This may be a true story but with sound evidence of subjective data (lab work, x-rays,etc) how can skeptics view this as a miracle from the divine one. I am Christian myself, I believe in the power of the Lord but as a healthcare professional I believe there is still evidence and research that need to be done in this area.


Many believers are ridiculed because of this belief system of healing. There are many that said :that they have rose from the dead. I personally have not seen a person rise from the dead in my practice but im sure that as I grow in the Lord as a health minister I will. There is a website that is ran by the United States Government. The National Centers for Contemporary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a research group based out of Washington D.C. They measure different types of Alternative medical techniques and display the results to the public as an alternative to conventional medicine. This website uses prayer or meditation with other forms of CAM therapies such as Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda Medicine (Indian Medicine) and even Tao Medicine (Chinese Medicine). These are all good alternatives to/or along with conventional health.


Mediation or prayer may be used by the patients to accomplish the goal of a better prognosis to illness. The miracle may come at an unexpected time. Most believe it is just by signs and wonders or the neighing prophet but with other therapeutic techniques the miracle may come much faster. There is a study that is now being conducted by the CAM society regarding "Strategic Plans to Address Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities" (CAM, 2012). This journal will compare other CAM therapies with the compliments of prayer in black women with breast cancer. This is a article that I believe will be a fantastic read. There are many CAM therapies that have healed people of their disparities but in the United States herbal are considered food products and can not cure but prevent illness.I believe that this should chance due to the self-diagnosing patient that may died as a end result. Prayer can help along with CAM therapies but under the direction of a CAM practitioner or Medical Doctor.


My final thought, is to compare the CAM therapies with other conventional therapies. Some therapies may compliment one another and some may contradict. There is nothing wrong in prayer/praying for someone that is sick but make sure before going off your regimen please consult your healthcare provider. The whole point of the post to teach the reader to research, look all options of therapy, and educate themselves about both conventional, spiritual, and other CAM therapies that maybe helpful in health and wellness. Take care and be in good health.






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