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Posted on March 28, 2011 at 12:09 AM


The world of natural health is now growing at an all time high with bottles and bottles supplements, pills, caps, tabs, creams, and liquids that promise to cure everything such as the common cold, heart disease, or to cure or prevent cancers. Most consumers do not realize that the herbs they are taking are actually medicines just like aspirin or Tylenol.

It is best when preventing disease, the patient or consumer must take in account that not all herbs and supplement work the same for everybody at the same dose regime. It is best to consult a license herbist or naturopath when deciding what herbs to take as a preventive. All plant-based medicines have side effects for long-term usage and can cause dramatic trauma to your body systems or even death.

When taking preventives medications, it is important to let your primary doctor know that you are taking "dietary supplements" to either aide in the healing processes or as a preventive because most conventional medicines will interfere in the physiology of the herbal medicine and it can cause adverse reaction or even cause death.

The best preventive method of healing is through food sources or vitamins through whole food sources. There are other ways on preventive health such as sun therapy, fresh air, meditation time (5mins or greater), nutrition (whole foods therapy), and pure water (clean). These are all ways that can prevent disease. There are supplement that you can take to prevent disease BUT by preventing sickness through food sources, that likelihood of rebound disease or secondary illness will be minimal.

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